The mission of the Minneapolis Laestadian Lutheran Church is:



  • To preach the gospel of repentance and remission of sins to the people of our community so that they might become partakers with us of the grace that God offers sin-fallen man in His Son Jesus Christ.

  • To nurture and strengthen the faith of the believing and root our children in Christian faith in God's kingdom.

  • To awaken and inspire Christian values and ethics, soberness of mind, love of homeland and responsible citizenship among the people of our nation.


In order to accomplish this mission, the Minneapolis Laestadian Lutheran Church arranges and holds services in our church, in homes, in our community and broadcasts sermons via the Internet. We teach and support the teaching of God's Word among children and youth. We also work with our sister congregations and support and work with our central organization the Laestadian Lutheran Church.

Please visit the Laestadian Lutheran Church website for further information on our central organization and how to receive additional scriptural teachings on our faith.